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"If We've Called........ YOU HAVE MONEY!"

          We do ALL the work! You just wait for your check!

Sound too good to be true? Be assured that it's not!

If you've received a call or letter from us, it means that we have located funds that either belong to you or one of your family members! Time limits exist on these funds so please call us right away!

Give us the opportunity and we'll prove
that we have funds waiting for you!

Let us show you what our specialized research has uncovered.  Chubbs Financial Group is a financial investigations firm that audits agencies and large corporations throughout the country, researching  their public records in search of lost, missing, and unclaimed assets. We focus on identifying these claims and partnering with clients to claim their assets.

Did You Know............?
                                                               We've got great news...........!!

If you've received a call or letter from us, it's because we've located unclaimed assets we believe belong to you! Call us now! We're available by calling 336-294-7755 direct or our toll free number - 1-888-878-8812.

How can you feel comfortable that we're a legitimate and professional company?

Every year different agencies become custodian to billions of dollars that rightfully belong to ordinary citizens like yourself. If left unclaimed, this money will eventually be lost permanently to the agencies holding it. Without a company like Chubbs Financial on your side, you will likely never find out about the assets owed to you!
Call us NOW to receive YOUR funds! 
Call us direct at 336-294-7755 or our toll free number at 1-888-878-8812

Feel free to email us by clicking here with a good time to reach you!
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